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Barn Construction

A barn from Shore Builders, Inc. provides a timeless addition to any residential property. Whether you’re looking for a functional barn to store hay and house livestock or an elegant building to host events, our Gainesville contractors will customize a structure to fit your needs. Additionally, if you own an older barn that needs structural or design updates or an addition to increase the space, we offer remodeling services for all types of barns.

During all barn construction and remodeling projects, our team’s first commitment is to our clients. Working with our designers and builders, you’ll experience high-quality customer service that’s attentive to your ideas, schedule, and budget. To learn more about our barn building services, contact us today!

New Barn Construction In Florida

Why Build A Barn?

Barns make a great addition to residential properties for a number of reasons. These structures can be built to house livestock and farming equipment or serve as a guest house and workspace. In addition to its intended use, a new or restored barn boosts your home’s property value. Building a barn may seem like a basic task, but you shouldn’t have to settle for just any barn. Professional barn builders can optimize your barn for any purpose you desire.

That’s why, you should hire professionals in home restoration to build or restore your barn. We have more than a decade of experience building barns on residential properties. Our trusted design-build process allows us to translate your ideas into a functional and attractive barn and our team’s attention to detail ensures your barn’s construction is the best quality possible. Contact us to start building the barn of your dreams.

Types & Styles Of Residential Barns

From rustic to contemporary, our barn designs match can your aesthetic preferences. Whether you want a barn that complements the look of your home or a building that portrays a specific era or style, we can accommodate your design ideas. Specifically, our contractors specialize in building several types of barns, including the following.

Steel Barns

Steel barns are made of corrugated steel walls and steel-tube framing. Many steel barns have sliding garage doors, while some are open constructions. Structurally, steel barns are lightweight yet durable enough to withstand all natural elements.

Pole Barns

Pole barns are classic-looking structures built from vertical wood or steel poles set in the ground at equal intervals. Pole barns exteriors have paneled walls of corrugated steel or aluminum, while many also feature canopies to provide outdoor seating or storage areas.

Post Barns

Post barns are post-frame constructions that feature wood frames and rafters. The walls are made of wood, steel, brick, or a combination of these materials. Other design features of post barns can include windows, garage doors, and attics.

Modular Barns

Modular barns consist of prefabricated sections that a residential contractor can configure to your specifications. Structurally, modular barns have wood frames and walls, but some have steel panels. Modular barns are also available in a range of different sizes.

Barn Restoration

In addition to constructing new barns for residential properties, we can also restore older barns so they meet modern structural standards and stylistic preferences. Barns see a lot of use over the years, so if your barn shows signs of wear-and-tear, allow our barn builders to restore the structure to like-new condition.

For barns that are historical or nostalgic, we can source period-correct materials and match the colors to the original. Or we can upgrade a barn to a modern aesthetic by remodeling the interior and exterior. We can even convert existing barns into new types of spaces, such as a carports, workshops, or guest homes. Contact us today.