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Commercial Additions

Business and property owners dream of the day when they need to expand their commercial structures to meet increased demand. When that day arrives, Shore Builders, Inc. has the skills and experience needed for all commercial building additions. You know your business inside and out, and we’re here to help reach your commercial goals.  

When you work with our commercial remodeling company, you’ll find that we prioritize open communication from start to finish. The outcome is an efficient and smooth project with a quality commercial addition and satisfied customers.

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Commercial Additions In Gainesville, FL


What Are The Benefits To A Commercial Addition?

There are many reasons why a business or property owner hires a Gainesville contractor to add-on to their commercial structures, but the two most common factors for commercial additions are having a recognizable location and needing more space.

Location Recognition

One major benefit of adding to a commercial business is location recognition or the ease in which customers find your business. Your business has already established itself in its current location with your customers. Moving could also result in lost sales due to customers not being able to find the new location.

Additional Space

Expansion is synonymous with growth for businesses. Whether you’re expanding to accommodate more customers or employees, it’s usually a good thing. We take into consideration the best use of your current real estate to help you determine if it would be better to add a second floor or addition to the side.

For many individuals with businesses, adding to their structure is simply a matter of having more space for a growing business to hold products and hire additional employees. Others view the value of commercial additions to customers — owners or managers are dedicated to maintaining the business’ physical location while providing quality service to those they serve.

What’s The Difference Between A Commercial Addition & Remodel?

There are times when building an addition to your current building is more efficient than remodeling for your business. Other times, a blend of the two can be most beneficial. Contact us to learn more about our commercial remodeling and construction services. We work with you to find the best solution for the unique needs of your business.

Commercial Remodeling

On the other hand, commercial remodels are excellent for businesses whose HVAC systems don’t need replacing and the current space is enough to hold employees and customers alike. Remodeling projects are generally done more quickly than an addition while giving your business more functionality.

Commercial Additions

Consider the rapid pace of technology changes. Computers, video conferencing equipment, and associated wiring and electrical demands can strain older electrical infrastructure in a building. A commercial addition is built to codes and standards to handle these demands.