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Commercial Bathroom Remodeling

For more than 10 years, Shore Builders, Inc. has helped Gainesville businesses of all size and industry revive dull and impractical commercial bathrooms. If it’s time for a bathroom remodel at your business, contact our Gainesville contractors. We provide all-encompassing remodels and renovations commercial property owners can count on to improve the comfort of employees, the satisfaction of customers, and success of the business. Whether you need full bathroom updates or modern refinement of the simple details, we have you covered.

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Commercial Bathroom Remodeling in Gainesville, FL

How Can A Commercial Bathroom Remodel Benefit My Business?

The decision to remodel a business bathroom is one few business owners and managers take lightly. But when you work with Shore Builders, Inc., our dedicated team makes sure you’re left discovering new benefits after the project is complete for years to come. For information about our commercial remodeling services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

Increased Property Value

As with residential bathroom renovations, remodeling a commercial bathroom will also increase the property value. This can be helpful if you plan to sell the business in the near future. Most renovations provide a 50 percent to 60 percent return in increased value on average but can climb depending on trends in the real estate market.

Improved Sanitation

The efficiency and sanitation of bathroom appliances and fixtures have advanced in recent years. Hands-free air dryers, waterless urinals, and touchless paper towel dispensers are three common modern advancements that help many businesses improve sanitation for the benefit of their employees as well as current and prospective customers.

Save Energy & Money

Energy use and money go hand-in-hand, especially for companies and businesses. A renovated bathroom uses the latest installations, many of which are designed to use less energy. Plus, you’ll find there are fewer maintenance and work order requests to submit with a new bathroom. Less energy use and maintenance mean a larger bottom line for the company.

Enhanced Accessibility

Say goodbye to narrow doors and compliance issues with a remodel to your commercial bathroom. We can help you enhance the accessibility of the bathroom in your business with items as simple as energy-efficient lighting or solutions as complete as adding wheelchair accessible sinks and toilet stalls.

Types Of Commercial Bathroom Renovations

The purpose of a company bathroom is the same across the spectrum, but each bathroom has different means to the end. Our commercial renovation company can provide your business with the following remodeling options.

Locker Rooms

If your business has on-site fitness facilities for employees, or if your business is centered within the health and fitness world, the locker rooms are a vital part of each day. It’s not unheard of for current and potential customers to form an opinion of the business based on what the locker rooms look like. Don’t wait until the member list begins shrinking, call us to begin designing a modern and welcoming locker room that your customers and employees will enjoy using.

Full Bathrooms

A full bathroom is brimming with opportunity when it’s time for a remodel. Add a light-colored backsplash to provide a boost of brightness for any time of day or night. Or, maybe install modern shower heads and fresh tiling for the ideal commercial shower. As a design-build company, we understand the demands placed on a full-size commercial bathroom. We strive to create a final product that is forward-thinking and practical.

Half Baths & Powder Rooms

A smaller space doesn’t mean the small details of your bathroom should be overlooked. Our team of designers makes sure every inch flows seamlessly into the next — there’s no thrown together look here. Tiled walls, wooden details, or bold color contrasts are simple ways to make a cozy space feel as big as the rest of the building.