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Commercial Gazebos & Pool Houses

A gazebo or pool house isn’t only for residential use — they’re a great way to expand usable space for any business! Each structure is designed to withstand the rigors of Florida weather and provide years of comfort and relaxation. Our team incorporates all local and municipality building codes into the overall design. To learn more or begin commercial construction, contact Shore Builders, Inc. today!

One Pool House, Many Uses

Pool houses are a versatile addition to any business property. They’re highly-customizable and add layers of convenience and luxury to any business. Employees and guests have space to store personal items while taking advantage of the pool or hot tub in any weather. And, if designed and constructed appropriately, this structure can increase the overall property value, a potential boon if the business is sold in the future.

Commercial Gazebo & Pool House In Florida

A Business Gazebo For Any Occasion

Whether a simple picnic shelter or an elegant meeting space, a gazebo can improve the functionality of any commercial space. Our team uses modern design to create a long-lasting product suited to your needs, such as an outdoor dining area. And because Florida features welcoming weather almost year-round, a business gazebo can be a great place to hold conferences and meetings. Inject new life into your business routine and call Shore Builders, Inc. today!

What Are Benefits To Having A Pool House Or Gazebo?

Many! Above all, these structures provide a new area to entertain clients and guests and for employees to relax and unwind.

Practical But Hidden Storage

No matter the size of the pool, it takes a lot of equipment to keep up with its care. A pool house is a great way to strategically keep these items out of sight but safely stored for use. Our team can develop a design which meets your needs while accounting for any space limitations if any. But if a gazebo better suits the needs of the business, our gazebo contractors can seamlessly blend storage space into the design.

Your Style Meets Our Design

Every business and commercial establishment has its own style. While many people think of this as the company brand, your style often extends to the physical structures used for business purposes. When you work with the team at Shore Builders, Inc., design-build contractor, we ensure your style comes through on every inch of a commercial gazebo or pool house.