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Commercial Kitchen Remodeling

If mise en place has fallen by the wayside because of impractical appliances and diminished counter space in your business, it’s time for a kitchen remodel. Shore Builders, Inc. specializes in design-build construction which lends itself to any type of commercial kitchen renovations. From installing a new walk-in cooler to taking a kitchen to the studs, our team can breathe new life into your kitchen. Schedule a consultation with our commercial renovation company today.

Which Types Of Kitchen Remodels Can Benefit My Business?

Commercial Kitchen Remodel In Gainesville, FL

Having dedicated space for employees to prepare food is one way businesses can improve employee satisfaction. For businesses in the foodservice industry, an up-to-date kitchen can make or break their success. Regardless of industry, scheduling a commercial remodeling project with Shore Builders, Inc. has many benefits.


Many businesses have a kitchenette for employee use. More compact than a regular kitchen, these spaces are commonly found in break rooms and feature a refrigerator, microwave or hot plate, and sink. Hotels and motels may also have kitchenettes to enhance the guest experience.

Full Kitchens

Quick and easy meals or a four-course affair, a full kitchen is a great way to build bonds between employees and entertain customers and clients. This style is generally equipped with a stove and oven, full-size refrigerator, sink, and sometimes a dishwasher. If a repair company spends more time than employees in the company kitchen, it’s time for renovations.

Industrial Kitchens

If your business has a longstanding reputation for world-class food, reinforce it with a renovation to the industrial kitchen. A kitchen that is outdated can slow business growth due to inefficiencies in food preparation and cooking. Our team uses a multi-tiered design process that improves an already refined process and allows everyone to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What Are The Advantages To A Kitchen Remodel?

As a business owner, you already embody a can-do spirit. But before starting a kitchen remodel yourself, here are a handful of details to consider. When you work with Shore Builders, Inc., you’ll find that no detail goes unnoticed.

Improve Ergonomics

When done properly, the ergonomics of a commercial kitchen blend efficiency and safety together. A busy kitchen has little leeway for downtime, despite an impractical layout or employee injuries. The height of the counters and other prep surfaces should be tall enough so employees don’t stoop or crouch, which can lead to back and spine injuries. Plus, appropriate lighting allows everyone to work in well-lit conditions around-the-clock to improve safety.

Adjust To Electrical & Plumbing Changes

Electrical and plumbing systems are two areas that unless you’ve had specific training and experience can lead to major issues down the road. Hiring a professional kitchen contractor is the best way to assure all piping and wiring changes are done correctly upon install. This reduces potential safety risks while increasing the longevity of appliances and other equipment.

Comply With Health Codes

All commercial kitchen renovations are required to meet city and state health code standards. If you’re attempting to overhaul a space without in-depth knowledge of the proper codes, it’s likely that you may end up with a noncompliant kitchen. Our Gainesville contractors stay up-to-date on all health codes and follows all installation guidelines for each appliance.