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Dock Construction & Repairs In St. Augustine

A well-constructed dock from a premier marine construction company can transform your seaside property and enhance your overall boating experience. A well-built dock from Shore Builders, Inc. can facilitate easy boat-access and complement the lifestyle of your family or improve the operations of your business.

Our professional builders also repair problematic docks and restore old docks to new states of brilliance. For more information about our marine construction services or to schedule dock repair and construction, contact us.

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Dock Construction & Repairs in St. Augustine, FL

Common Signs A Dock Needs Repair Or Replacement

Water, wind, and storms take a toll on docks over time by straining and weakening the cables and pilings that support the structure. Dry rot, shipworms, and other types of marine borers cause wood on the dock to deteriorate, compromising the safety of home and business owners. Common signs that indicate your dock requires repair or replacement include the following. If your dock requires repairs or replacement, contact us to speak with one of our expert general marine contractors.

Foundational Damage

Minor damage within a dock can often be restored with professional dock repairs, but damage to the dock’s foundation — specifically, deterioration to the underwater foundation — typically requires replacement. If you notice any cracks or erosion, contact us for an inspection.

Cracked & Warped Supports

The high pressure of waves, wind, and boats in St. Augustine can cause dock supports to bend, crack, and become warped. Timely repairs to a minor problem can sometimes salvage the dock, but considerable damage requires the dock to be replaced.

Rusted Supports & Platforms

All docks experience frequent contact with the water. However, docks made of metal can develop rust on the supports, platforms, and other areas over time. Minor spots of rust can be repaired, but widespread rust could indicate the need for a dock replacement.

Dry Rot & Wood Decay

It isn’t uncommon for wooden docks to develop minor dry rot. Certain types of bacteria from the water can cause dry rot and repairing the issue can be simple. Dry rot in more than one area typically indicates the need for a new dock. 

What Are The Benefits To Repairing Or Replacing A Dock?

When weathering, severe storms, or boating accidents cause damage to a dock, Shore Builders, Inc. can restore it to the original condition or better. We provide all-encompassing dock repair services for every type of issue, including replacing wood that has become dry rotted, filling cracks in the dock’s concrete sections, or inserting new floats after the old floats have worn out. We can also expand a dock that’s too small or reattach unstable docks.  

We can also restore a dilapidated dock back to new again, thus boosting the dock’s functionality and your property’s value. Restoring a commercial dock that’s been damaged is less expensive than building a new deck. Also, worn out docks can present hazards to employees and the wrong image to customers, while older docks can be too small for modern business operations. With our dock construction and repairs, you can have the safe, lasting, functional, and appealing dock your property, family, and customers deserve.

Residential Docks

Residential docks provide homeowners with more enjoyment on the water, while saving time and money on boat storage. With a dock of your own, there’s no need to trailer your boat, pay slip fees, or wait behind a crowd of boaters to use the launch ramp. A dock is a perfect space for fishing, swimming, and docking jet skis and other recreational water vehicles.

Adding a dock to your property can also increase the property value. Whether you choose a permanent or floating dock, we can build the dock to your preference with custom materials and features, such as lights or boat lifts.

Commercial Docks

When marine crafts are business assets, adding a commercial dock to your property has clear advantages. Regarding security, having the boats on-site can help prevent damage, theft, and vandalism. Financially, a dock means you no longer have to pay for dry storage or a slip in a marina, providing your business with substantial savings.

Meanwhile, having your business' boats readily available saves you time on trailering, so you can focus on your business. The best dock builders can also customize the design and dimensions of your commercial dock for employees and attractive for clients.