Marine Construction

Dock Construction & Repairs in Gainesville, FL

Dock Construction & Repairs

If you need to construct a new dock or your current one has fallen into disrepair, let a Gainesville marine contractor from Shore Builders, Inc. assist you. With years of experience, we know how to construct high-quality docks that are built to last and can withstand Florida’s elements. Enhance your waterfront property with a functional and appealing dock constructed by Shore Builders, Inc.

Boat Lift Construction and Repairs in Gainesville, FL

Boat Lift Construction & Repairs

Boat lifts can become irreparably damaged if they are not regularly maintained. Shore Builders, Inc. offers marine construction services to provide you with durable boat lifts and scheduled maintenance. Extend the life of your boat by providing it an escape from the salt water, algae and debris by contacting Shore Builders, Inc.

Pier Construction and Repairs in Gainesville, FL

Pier Construction & Repairs

Over time, piers can become weakened by small organisms known as marine borers. Team members at Shore Builders, Inc. can help prevent this deterioration by reinforcing susceptible areas and by using materials that are able to effectively slow the corrosion. For pier construction and repairs, contact the marine contractors at Shore Builders, Inc.

Floating Platforms in Gainesville, FL

Floating Docks

Often the large storms Florida is famous for can significantly damage floating docks. If this happens, Shore Builders, Inc. can replace wood panels and adjust the anchoring. Older floating docks used styrofoam to remain afloat but recent advances in technology have since proven that encapsulated floats are much more stable. Our team can remove these products to prevent your docks from sagging in the water.

Retaining Walls in Gainesville, FL

Sea Walls

Sea walls protect your shoreline from harsh waves that have the potential to cause a considerable amount of erosion. If you are in need of marine construction in Gainesville to install sea walls at your home or business, contact our team at Shore Builders, Inc. We can repair damage and reinforce any existing sea walls so your waterfront property isn’t lost to the waves.