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Marine Construction In St. Augustine, FL

Dock Construction & Repairs in Gainesville, FL

Dock Construction & Repairs

If you need to construct a new dock or your current one has fallen into disrepair, Shore Builders, Inc. is your first call. With years of experience, we’re experts in building high-quality docks that are made to last and can withstand Florida’s elements. Enhance your waterfront property with a functional and beautiful dock from our marine construction company.

Boat Lift Construction and Repairs in Gainesville, FL

Boat Lift Construction & Repairs

Boat lifts can become irreparably damaged if they are not regularly maintained. We offer marine construction services to provide you with durable boat lifts and scheduled maintenance. Our boat lift services can help you extend the life of your boat by providing an effective refuge from the salt water, algae, and debris. Keep your boat safe and secure — contact us today.

Pier Construction and Repairs in Gainesville, FL

Pier Construction & Repairs

Over time, piers can become weakened by small seaside organisms called marine borers. Our general marine contractors can help prevent shipworms and other types of marine borers from deteriorating your pier by adequately reinforcing susceptible areas and using materials made to withstand corrosion. Call us to schedule pier repairs and construction services.

Floating Platforms in Gainesville, FL

Floating Platforms

The large, destructive storms Florida is famous for can severely damage floating platforms. If your floating platform is damaged, we can replace the wood panels and adjust the anchoring. In year’s past, platforms were made using styrofoam for buoyancy, but technological advances have since proven that encapsulated floats are much more stable than their predecessors. Contact us to replace outdated products and optimize the condition of your floating platform.

Retaining Walls in Gainesville, FL


Retaining walls, or seawalls, provide seaside properties with protection from shoreline erosion. Harsh waves can cause a considerable amount of damage and eat away at the coastline over time. Slow down the process of erosion to your residential or commercial property with a seawall from Shore Builders, Inc. We can repair damage and reinforce any existing retaining walls so your waterfront property isn’t lost to the waves.