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Marine Construction In St. Augustine, FL

Dock Construction & Repairs in Gainesville, FL

From simplistic, one-slip residential docks to ornate, multi-slip commercial marinas, Shore Builders, Inc. has a reputation for superior quality marine construction and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. Our boat dock builders can help bring-to-life your dream dock with our innovative fixed dock system and conventional floating dock system, both of which feature long-lasting materials that are built to withstand rough waters and weather conditions. We offer expert dock construction and professional dock repair services, customized to fulfill the unique needs of St. Augustine property owners. Several of our standard features include marine-grade materials for maximum strength and life expectancy; maximum pilling stability to prevent settling; an expansive selection of decking colors and styles; and stainless steel screws to attach decking to prevent rusting or lifting of deck boards.

Boat Lift Construction and Repairs in Gainesville, FL

Our marine construction company offers custom-design boat lifts created to accommodate vessels that range from personal watercrafts to majestic yachts. Each boat hoist is developed from the ground up, and designed and constructed to the provided specifications. Our premium craftsmanship in combination with our use of industry-leading, marine-build materials results in superior products personalized to each customer and their watercraft. Extend the functional lifespan and preserve the aesthetic value of your watercraft with professional boat lift repair, and scheduled maintenance services from our coastal marine construction company. If you require a boat hoist replacement, choose among a wide range of available customization options for a one-of-a-kind lift. In addition to effective refuge from salt water, algae, and debris, our boat lift services can help assure boat protection and preservation.

Pier Construction and Repairs in Gainesville, FL

Over time, piers can become weakened by small seaside organisms called marine borers. Our St. Augustine general contractors can help prevent shipworms and other types of marine borers from deteriorating your pier by adequately reinforcing susceptible areas and using materials made to withstand corrosion. During pier and beam foundation repair, our contractors inspect the pier, identify the issue, and promptly repair and preserve the structure. Shore Builders, Inc. is your local expert in St. Augustine and Florida’s eastern coast for pier construction. We work hard to build customized piers with durable materials that can withstand environmental conditions, while staying within the approved project budget. We accommodate the pier building process from start to finish, from designing the layout of the pier to helping our customers select the best materials, customization options, rails, and posts to accommodate their needs and preferences.

Floating Platforms in Gainesville, FL

The quality, versatility, and strength of a floating dock from marine contractors with our company are unparalleled. Whether it’s a low-profile rowing dock, a floating work platform, a jet ski floating dock, or another type of floating structure, our team works alongside each client to create a customized floating platform in any size or shape that complements the aesthetics of their seaside property — in addition to the functional requirements of their watercraft. During the process of building a floating dock, we can help you choose among available material options, including aluminum, wooden, and plastic floating docks. Our contractors have years of expertise designing and constructing encapsulated floating boat docks for a finished result that features a modular design, superior frame construction, and a durable composition that can effectively withstand destructive storms on the St. Augustine coastline.

Retaining Walls in Gainesville, FL

Retaining walls, or seawalls, provide seaside properties with protection from shoreline erosion. Harsh waves can cause a considerable amount of damage and eat away at the coastline over time. Prevent erosion to your residential or commercial property with seawall construction from Shore Builders, Inc. We offer a number of shoreline erosion control methods, including seawall repair for remediating existing structural damage within retaining walls. We use vinyl sheet pile and marine bulkhead materials to likewise reinforce portions of the sea wall that are susceptible to hazards, such as high levels of groundwater, violent storms, and marine borers, so your waterfront property can avoid becoming lost to the waves. Contact our St. Augustine contractors today to schedule marine construction services for your home or business or for more information about our available marine repair and fabrication services.

Boathouse Construction

Boathouse Construction in Gainesville, FL

Harmful exterior elements, such as sand particles, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and dirt can cause significant damage to boats. A boathouse offers secure dry boat storage for watercrafts and provides protection against boat loss due to rough waves as well as harmful effects of harsh weather. St. Augustine residents that use their watercrafts frequently can likewise benefit from improved accessibility with a boathouse. We work alongside clients to design and build boathouses that accommodate the specifications of their watercrafts and preferences for utility and enjoyment. Whether you require professional maintenance services and repairs for a boathouse on the pier or you seek a boathouse that can serve multiple functions and increase both the financial and aesthetic value of your seaside property, a professional marine construction contractor with Shore Builders, Inc. can help.

Marina Services

Marina Services in Gainesville, FL

Whether starting from scratch or renovating an existing facility, a marina construction project offers a unique opportunity to achieve a marina design, appearance, and function tailored to the needs of your business. Reduce project costs, limit exposure to risk, and meet tight project deadlines with our single-source, design-build approach to marine construction. Our goal is to help local marina owners develop a plan that reflects their business, meets their budget, and serves their customer base. We offer complete marina services, including marina maintenance, repair, new construction for any type and size of marina. Our marine contractors perform installations and repairs for boat lifts and replacements for marina parts, such as docks, structural support systems, walkways, and ramps. Looking for a layout that maximizes operational efficiency? Call Shore Builders, Inc. for all of your marina service needs.