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Office & Commercial Renovations

As the needs of businesses in office spaces have evolved, Shore Builders, Inc. has been there to help commercial properties accommodate changes in design and functionality. Our commercial renovation company combines the unique needs of a business and with the existing structure to provide a modern workspace that enhances productivity and reputation alike. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

What Are The Benefits To Renovating A Commercial Office Space?

Office Renovations In Florida

An office doesn’t have to be completely rebuilt to have a significant positive impact. New windows allow more natural light into the workspace while a fresh coat of paint livens previously drab walls. Contact Shore Builders, Inc. today to speak with a Gainesville contractor who helps businesses of all size reap the many benefits of commercial renovations.

Boost Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is a major expense for most businesses. Replacing leaky doors and windows, adding appropriate insulation, and other means to tighten the building envelope and save money are easily attained with commercial renovations.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

A new and improved workspace can serve to catch the eye of current and potential customers. Whether it’s the reception area or entire building, remodeling shows customers you care about every aspect of the business, not only the revenues. Oftentimes, it also improves accessibility, which can help grow the customer base.

Improve Productivity

Day in and day out, employees are working to make the business as successful as possible. New lighting, wall décor, and defined workspaces are three of the many factors that contribute to employee performance. Employees often take inspiration from a fresh and modern workplace, increasing collaboration and output.

Use Space Efficiently

How a company uses existing space affects employee productivity as well as day-to-day operations. An optimized layout encourages collaboration among employees while maximizing customer accessibility. It’s also a great way to provide the appearance of added workspace without the cost of expanding the existing building.

Retain & Attract Employees

With an average 40-hour work week, employees spend a large part of their life at work. Since the physical office environment plays a direct part in how employees feel about their work, remodeling can help improve retention rates. Plus, when prospective hires visit the office, they’ll notice that your business invests in its employees.

Types Of Commercial Renovations In Gainesville

From renovating customer-facing spaces to improving functionality throughout whole office, we can provide your business with all-encompassing commercial remodeling services.

Whole Office

The company you hire for a whole office renovation can make or break the project even before the dust flies. Due to the sheer size of these projects, our team keeps the lines of communication open at all times and works with your schedule. Reducing the inconvenience that arises from a whole office remodel is our No. 1 goal, along with delivering a final product that exceeds expectations.

Foyer & Front Desk

Perhaps the second most important impression a business can make, aside from the building exterior, is in the foyer or front desk area. Customers, employees, and guests base opinions on the appearance of this area before the front door opens. Make sure they have a modern and warm welcome that’s an extension of the business itself.

Break Room

Flip the idea of a sterile break room on its head by working with the contractors business owners rely on. Our team designs and creates a relaxing area where employees gather over lunch or a quick snack. Contact us for more information about our commercial kitchen remodels or to schedule a consultation.

Individual Offices

Individual or professional offices are popular for executives and other upper-level management personnel. This space often becomes a reflection of their personal style and preferences which may not be the same for everyone. Remodeling allows the executive to focus on their responsibilities without a distracting workspace.

Conference Room

Conference rooms are often a hub of teamwork and productivity. Give your employees and guests a place perfect for creating with modern renovations. Shore Builders, Inc. can combine existing elements with updated qualities, such as sound-absorbing materials and energy-efficient LED lighting.