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Pier Repairs & Construction In St. Augustine

Piers have many uses, but the most common is providing access to a body of water from land. For both commercial and residential properties in St. Augustine, FL, piers are often used to enjoy the seaside view, fish for the catch of the day, and dock boats, jet skis, and more. Whatever your reason for adding a pier to your property, your newly repaired or constructed platform should efficiently withstand years of use and Florida weather conditions.

Existing piers need regular repairs due to natural wear-and-tear, while new construction for piers requires professional builders for expert design and building. If you're looking for a marine construction company known for creating beautiful and durable piers in St. Augustine, FL, contact Shore Builders, Inc. We provide repairs and construction for piers, docks, boat lifts, and seawalls. 

St. Augustine, FL, Pier

What Are The Common Signs Of A Damaged Pier?

Like most other outdoor structures, a residential or commercial pier can provide years of enjoyment and relaxation with routine maintenance and repairs. Even then, strong thunderstorms can loosen or damage parts of a pier, while hurricanes can destroy piers altogether. We have the tools, experience, and team necessary to repair any type and size pier. Since several types of materials may be used to build a pier, signs of damage may vary. Common types of pier damage include unstable or wibbly piles, missing deck boards, splitters or splitting, cracks, and warps.

What Are The Dangers Of A Worn-Out Pier?

Whether the pier is only used occasionally or it’s a popular gathering spot for friends and neighbors, neglected repairs can create safety hazards for anyone using the pier. A worn-out or damaged pier can buckle or collapse under any amount of weight during use. It’s important to make the necessary repairs right away for maintaining the safety of those who use it as well as the longevity of the pier.

When it comes to pier repair, time is of the essence. Timely pier damage remediation allows our technicians to inspect the structure, identify the specific issue, and promptly perform repairs to avoid further damage to other components within the pier. When issues are left to fester, they can cause irreparable damage, requiring new construction and replacement.

Pier Construction

Piers are a common part of marine construction in St. Augustine. Whether the pier is for a beachfront home or a business on the St. Johns River, Shore Builders, Inc. specializes in custom design-build marine construction services. We build piers that are made to withstand regular use and turbulent weather conditions, with regard to prevailing winds, soil conditions, and tidal patterns.

Common pier building materials include aluminum, concrete, steel, wood, and vinyl, and a pier of any size or style can be built with a combination of these materials. We work with you to design a pier that meets your needs and stands out.

Pier Repair

Many old piers were built using wood. If the wood being used isn’t treated properly prior to construction, it can become prone to damage from common marine wood borers, such as shipworms and limnoria. Wood pilings are most often affected by marine borers. We reinforce pilings and other damaged parts of any residential or commercial pier to prevent further deterioration.

All repairs ensure the pier is protected from common environmental factors that also include fungi and rot. We use the latest techniques and high-quality materials for pier construction to give you peace-of-mind and assurance of our work.