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Pool House & Gazebo Builders

If you appreciate sunny days, a pool house or gazebo from Shore Builders, Inc. will make an excellent addition to your home. Stylish and practical, these structures enhance both the look and value of a property. They also create new lifestyle opportunities for family and guests. For over a decade, our home renovation company has been the Gainesville homeowner top choice for custom designed pool house and gazebo projects.

Whether you want to build a backyard lounge space or a poolside home for overnight guests, we use top-quality materials to bring your ideas to life. Our contractors build pool houses and gazebos that match the architecture and landscape of each home, while our designers can customize any outdoor structure to match your individual needs and stylistic preferences. 

Pool House & Gazebos in Gainesville, Florida

What Benefits Do Pool Houses & Gazebos Provide?

Pool houses and gazebos have different intended uses, yet each offers a variety of benefits to Gainesville homeowners. For more information about our residential remodeling services or to schedule a consultation with a design-build expert, contact us today.

Higher Home Value

Home value is one area where the benefits of pool houses and gazebos overlap. Both of these outdoor structures are desirable to prospective home buyers. Consequently, when you add a pool house or gazebo to your property, the resale value of the home increases. With the return-on-investment alone, adding a pool house or gazebo is a worthwhile venture.

Greater Storage Space

North Central Florida is known for temperate weather, but it’s not a region where year-round swimming is a possibility. During the cooler months,  a pool house offers space to store your pool supplies, so they’re neatly packed away yet easily accessible for later use. Household items, such as furniture and seasonal decorations, can be stored in a pool house, as well.

More Room For Social Activities

Pool houses and gazebos promote a variety of social activities. Many pool houses serve as changing rooms, where family and guests can change and wash off during swim parties. Homeowners also use pool houses or accommodate overnight guests. In addition, gazebos provide the perfect space for people to host outdoor dinner parties and lounge with friends.

New Gazebo Construction

Gazebos are roofed structures with open walls that offer a view of the surrounding area. The placement of a gazebo can be beside a pool, in a garden, or in another scenic area on a residential property. When designing a gazebo, we customize its features based on your preferences. Whether you want railings or columns, built-in benches or patio furniture, the base at ground-level or elevated with a staircase, our contractors can build the look you want. We can also design a gazebo and a pool house that work together as one structure or as two complementary structures.

New Pool House Construction

A pool house is an enclosed structure on the property of a larger home. More than any Gainesville contractor, Shore Builders Inc. builds pool houses with custom features for homeowners. Regarding the square footage, some structures are garage-size, while others are multiple stories. With design, we can build a pool house with colors, doors, windows, and roofing to match your home or another aesthetic theme. The amenities we incorporate into a pool house’s interior can also vary. Some structures are designed as storage spaces, while others feature TVs, kitchens, bathrooms, and saunas.

Pool House & Gazebo Remodels

At Shore Builders, Inc., we know that every remodeling project is unique, as your goals determine our plan-of-action. If a gazebo or poolhouse has become dilapidated with age, we can restore the structure to its original appearance. Our design-build team can also update older pool houses and gazebos with fresh colors, accents, and modern materials. Additions are another part of our remodeling purview, as we can enlarge or extend an outdoor structure that a family has outgrown. If you’re looking for the perfect complement to your outdoor structure, we can also construct a residential deck for the ultimate outdoor space.