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Business & Home Remodeling Contractors

Northwest Gainesville is a charming neighborhood that offers modern suburban living and shopping near the University of Florida and Interstate 75. The area’s diverse communities are home to families, professionals, and other residents, and include houses and storefronts of different layouts, sizes, and architectural styles. At Shore Builders, Inc., our remodeling services bring to life local residents’ dream visions for their homes or businesses by making each property more comfortable, functional, and design-forward.

Working with our residential and commercial remodeling contractors eliminates the uncertainty and stress of any project. Our modern designs are tailored to each client’s needs, and we build with quality materials and premium craftsmanship. We offer a wide array of renovations in Northwest Gainesville. Some of the most common are kitchen and bathroom remodels and exterior additions.

Some homes and businesses in Northwest Gainesville were built in the 1980s or earlier. With an old house renovation, the best place to start is the kitchen. After a decade, ovens, dishwashers, and other appliances can get worn out, and the amounts of electricity they consume are usually light-years behind modern appliances. One challenge of any renovation is creating a design that satisfies the property owner and appeals to a broader audience of prospective home buyers or customers. A residential kitchen remodel should make a house better today, but also be an investment, while a commercial remodel should focus on the practical needs of the employees. If our design-build company in Gainesville has one quality that makes us distinctive, it’s that we know how to account for short- and long-term goals in one cohesive design. From creating a few upgrades to transforming the look and layout of the area, we can deliver any kitchen remodel that the client’s timeframe, budget, and imagination will allow.

Most of the properties in Northwest Gainesville have at least two bathrooms; many houses have three, and some have partial baths. Depending on the condition of the plumbing and the age of the fixtures, upgrading multiple bathrooms can be a daunting project. Our recommendation is to focus on one personal or customer bathroom (add new fixtures and flooring) or lightly modernize all the bathrooms (with new paint). Either option will enhance the property while leaving open the possibility for additional bathroom renovations. Another way to cut costs is by substituting lower-cost but still high-quality materials, such as linoleum floors that resemble tile. Our designers advise clients on the best materials to meet their visions and budgets.

Not every remodeling project has to upgrade, modernize, or expand a current area of a building. Outdoor additions, such as decks, create new living spaces for relaxation and entertaining. Lot sizes in Northwest Gainesville vary from less than half an acre to two acres or more. Many properties also have mature trees that have financial and aesthetic value. For anyone with children, pets, or plans to landscape, open space is a precious commodity. But if an area isn’t being used, adding a deck, pool house or gazebo, or outdoor kitchen can revive the space. Businesses, meanwhile, can increase their revenues by adding more space for customers.

Shore Builders, Inc. has many years of experience in residential and commercial remodeling in Northwest Gainesville. We’re familiar with the neighborhood’s more than 100 communities — from Appletree to Hidden Oaks, from Huntington to Woodland Terrace — and we understand the homeowners’ association rules, zoning laws, and building codes. Combine our local knowledge with the ways that we source quality building materials, create individualized design plans, and finish projects on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of craftsmanship, and you have all the qualities of the ideal business or home remodeling company. Contact us to speak with a general contractor about your next project.