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Residential Bathroom Remodeling

Many homeowners contact our home renovation company to improve the long-term function of their bathroom or to update the space before selling the home. Shore Builders, Inc. has years of experience giving new life to residential bathrooms.

As a design-build company, we provide clients with the assurance that each project is handled by one qualified team dedicated to surpassing clients’ expectations. Contact us today to begin planning the bathroom of your dreams!

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Bathroom Remodels

What Are The Benefits To A Bathroom Remodel?

A remodeled bathroom has the ability to make your entire home feel new. These are four reasons why Shore Builders, Inc. is the go-to company for bathroom remodels in Gainesville, FL. For more information about our residential remodeling services, contact us.

Improve Safety

Remodeling is the perfect time to repair cracked flooring or any other feature that has become a safety issue. Our team includes architects and engineers who make recommendations for improving stability and safety. If you’re planning on staying in the home for many years, we can construct a bathroom designed for accessibility without foregoing style and personal preference.

Increase Home Value

The bathroom and kitchen are two residential rooms that home buyers consider when seeking to purchase a home. Even a small bathroom renovation can increase a home’s value by several thousand dollars. Our Gainesville contractors can help you choose the right features that buyers are looking for. You’ll also gain peace-of-mind knowing the home will be easier to sell.

Add Space Without Adding On

Do you and your family members trip over each other coming and going from the bathroom? Or does it seem like there’s less space for towels each time you put them away? A Gainesville bathroom remodeling project can add space without adding a new wing to the home. Our designers are skilled to give the smallest bathroom spacious and functional feeling.

Enjoy Modern Luxuries

If it feels like your bathroom was built at the same time indoor plumbing was invented, Shore Builders, Inc. can provide functional and stylistic updates to bring it into the 21st century. From showerheads and whirlpool jets to touch-activated faucets and soft LED lighting, we will transform an outdated bathroom into a luxurious and modern space that you can enjoy.  

Full-Scale Bathroom Remodeling

Traditional remodeling requires homeowners to visit different stores to choose appliances and amenities. Shore Builders, Inc. is a design-build company, which means everything you can think of is under one roof. Fixtures, flooring, every detail that goes into remodeling a bathroom in is pre-ordered around your schedule. With one point-of-contact throughout the project, you won’t have to sort through a list of names when there’s a question.

No detail is too small when it comes to giving you the bathroom you’ve always dreamt of. Our team uses modern construction and design to improve function and safety in every remodeling project. Communication is paramount to ensuring success every time and we’re always available to answer questions from beginning to end — contact us today.