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Residential & Commercial Marine Contractors

St. Augustine beaches are among the most beautiful seaside destinations throughout Florida. Due to a close proximity to the sea and accumulated wear due to environmental stressors, commercial beachfront properties and waterfront homes in St. Johns County require regular coastal marine construction, maintenance, and repairs. Marine contractors with Shore Builders, Inc. offer a complete range of marine construction services that address the unique coastal property needs of homeowners and business owners and yield high-quality results built to endure regular use and protected from harsh environmental effects. 

Our marine construction company works with each client to find the right materials that accommodate their needs and fit within their budget. Our dedicated team of marine contractors can even assist with obtaining the permits required to start the building process, during which our clients can sit back and watch us do what we do best — provide full-service coastal marine construction and repair customized to the preferences of our clients, concentrated on the preservation of St. Augustine properties, and completed to meet our company’s high standards for quality craftsmanship and industry-leading service. Contact us today.

Fixed Docks

Whether your personal dock needs repair or you require a new dock construction for a multi-slip marina, Shore Builders, Inc. has the experience and ability to create a custom dock that will both enhance the aesthetic value of your property and provide enjoyment for years to come. We use marine-grade materials in a wide range of available colors and styles for dock construction and dock repair to ensure maximum stability and no rusting or lifting. 

Boat Lifts

If your boat lift has not received regular maintenance, it’s likely to sustain a significant degree of damage. Our boat lift repair services can help preserve your watercraft from the effects of saltwater, algae, and sea debris. During new boat lift construction, our general marine contractors can help you achieve a lift that is aesthetically pleasing, offers superior strength, and eliminates the likelihood of rusting or settling over time.

Floating Docks

A professionally constructed floating boat dock prioritizes both practicality and design while maximizing the potential of a St. Augustine property. We offer customized floating docks of all size and scale, crafted to complement the aesthetics of your property and made to fulfill the functional requirements for use. Upgrade your access to the water with our expert marine construction services in St. Augustine, FL.


With regular repairs and maintenance, residential and commercial piers can provide years of seaside enjoyment, but even then, strong thunderstorms and seasonal hurricanes can damage or destroy these structures. We take an encompassing approach to both pier construction and pier and beam foundation repair to revitalize comprised structures and restore safe and reliable access to the water. Contact us to schedule a pier inspection.


Heavy loads due to high levels of groundwater, violent storms, and marine borers are among the hazards that commonly prevent seawalls from protecting coastal properties. Cracking, erosion, or bowing behind a seawall indicate a need for seawall repair, while coastal properties with degraded or no seawall require seawall construction to ensure the safety and preservation of their home or business. Schedule marine services today.