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Tips For A Commercial Remodel

Starting any remodeling project is both exciting and overwhelming, particularly when it comes to your business. It’s hard to know where to begin. Shore Builders, Inc. offers commercial remodeling in Gainesville, FL to help you increase productivity and help make sure your business is successful. These five tips can help you get started and stay on track with your renovations.

Commercial Remodeling Tips

1. Be Aware Of Necessary Permits

Before you start a major renovation in Gainesville, you will need to research the necessary permits. These permits may vary depending on the specifics of your remodeling project, such as whether the renovations are internal or external. Without the necessary permits, your project may stall out before it even begins. To help ensure that all of the proper permits are taken care of, our Gainesville contractors will work with you to determine what permits you need for your commercial remodel.

2. Ask For Employee Input

No one is more familiar with your business than your employees, who walk the floor countless times every day. Explain your goals and ask for their feedback on what designs can help increase their productivity. Integrating these suggestions into your design ideas will indicate to your employees that they are a valuable part of the remodel process. They may be able to identify areas for improvement that you are not aware of.

3. Be Realistic About Your Timeline

Although you may hope to keep your business running during your remodel, this is generally unrealistic. In fact, having customers in and out of your business during your remodel could slow down your project considerably, and construction environments are often unsafe for customers. For these reasons, it is smarter and faster to close your doors and work as quickly as is safe. Before you start your project, think realistically about how long you can afford to close your business, and communicate this with your contractor. Together you can use this information to create and stick to a realistic remodelling schedule.

4. Dream Big, But Act Realistically

As a business owner, you know that it’s important to balance big dreams with harsh reality. Throughout your commercial remodel, you’re going to need to budget responsibly. While it may be tempting to go all-out on an exciting and expensive idea, consider how the cost compares to a similar but more cost-effective idea. This will help you to stretch your budget to allow for a more extensive remodel. A series of smaller improvements will go a lot farther than one large change.

5. Know Your Project Manager

A project manager is the person who oversees the entirety of your renovation project. This person takes care of material deliveries and handles any complications or issues that might arise during the project. Depending on the scope of your commercial remodel, you may have several ongoing projects at once. It can be difficult to keep track of your kitchen remodel while also following your bathroom renovation, but luckily your project manager is there to help you stay aware of deadlines and milestones and alert you to any potential issues with your renovation. A good relationship with your project manager is key to making sure your commercial remodel runs smoothly and stays on track.

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